Monorail Systems

Monorail Cart – 2 Post Type

VRE can custom design a monorail system to suit your requirements. From 2 shelf level carts to 4 or 5 levels as well as hose trolleys. We even manufacture “monorailable” transportation carts.

Monorail Components we Offer:

  • Cart – 2 Post Type
  • Cart – 4 Post Type
  • Hose Watering
  • “C” Brackets
  • Trolley Heads
  • Switches

Common design questions are as follows:

  • Will your greenhouse carry the added load?
  • Is it safe to drill holes in the structure’s hoops or purlins to attach the monorail hangers to?
  • What can you do if there is nothing to attach the hangers to?
  • How high should the track be from the floor?
  • What is the proper spacing for hangers to give adequate carrying capacity?
  • How much clearance space do you need above the bench for the moving trolley?

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