Roll Up Walls

Roll Up Wall

Roll Up Walls have diverse uses; dividing growing zones, photo-period control, or as insulation barriers.

When considering the correct drive system for your roll-up, height, length, and fabric cover weight are crucial.
Both manual and electrical operators are available. A typical 2″ tube motor fitted inside the VRE aluminum roll-up tube can handle lengths up to 150′.  When longer lengths are required the full size RW45 gear drive unit will get the job done.

We manufacture a 2″ (OD) aluminum profile for ‘twin roll’ or ‘center’ roll-up wall applications.
In the closed position the 2″ roll up tube is secured to the fabric at the center of the roll up wall.  When opening the 2″ roll tube travels upwards rolling both the top and bottom halves of the fabric at the same time. When fully open the roll-up tube rests at the top of the roll-up wall and has formed a tight 4″ to 5″ diameter fabric bundle roll.

Photo-period Control:

The vast majority of roll-up walls are installed for ‘Photo-period’ or ‘short day length’ control requirements.  The fabrics commonly used for this are the black/silver laminated poly or the LS Hortiroll Revolux White/White.

Zone Division:

As heating cost increase we are beginning to use clear and opaque fabrics as well for partition or drop walls, dividing or separating growing zones for different temperature control requirements. Fabrics such as the LS ILS series, Solarwoven or for some applications a clear vinyl.


Roll-up walls are also being installed on perimeter or exterior walls for partial shade or additional insulation by creating a small cavity of ‘dead’ air space on exterior side or gable walls.


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