VRE Sliding Curtain System

VRE Sliding Curtain System

VRE Sliding Curtain System Components

The VRE sliding system consists of a network of parallel polyester lines installed on approximately 18″ centres. The cover fabric is drawn back and forth lying on these lines. This system type is used most often in retrofit applications where space is very limited or areas where light loss due to fabric bundle size is a critical factor. Sliding systems also use polyester lines above the curtain with “cloth gatherers” to produce the smallest fabric bundle size possible when the system is fully open. They can also be installed where only 4″ – 6″ depth of travel space is available to prevent interference with other equipment. The fabric will gather and bundle differently each time the curtain opens, so deterioration from sunlight is slower. Replacement fabric curtain costs are less, for sliding systems, due to minimal sewing requirement. These polyester support lines should also be replaced when new fabric is installed. These systems are also generally limited to a maximum of 21′ travel distance per curtain.

Every VRE curtain system is CUSTOM designed specifically to fit YOUR greenhouse. Be aware not all curtain systems are.

Here are ten features of the standard VRE sliding curtain system design:

  1. VRE patented aluminum extrusion with positive rubber seal at each truss line or post location. Provides the absolute best seal on the market adaptable to fit any greenhouse design.
  2. Polyester slide wires at maximum 18″ centers through aluminum grommets in specified holes. The best non-abrasive support wire with easy replacement when changing fabric.
  3. Stainless steel wires for hook and perimeter boot wires plus stainless steel staples. Will never rust, snag, sag or deteriorate for the life of the system
  4. Custom sewn to fit curtains with leading edge pocket, loop tapes and hooks at both curtain ends. Required shrink is included to maintain the best closure of every curtain in the entire system and for the perimeter of the system.
  5. The curtain fabric on the VRE curtain design covers the entire greenhouse. Every truss is covered, there are no gaps with exposed trusses between curtains.
  6. Minimal use of plastic clips and fittings. Reduces the cost of future fabric replacement, no expensive plastic clips to source and replace.
  7. Higher grade stainless steel drive cables are supplied at 90″ to a maximum of 108″ multiples. Better quality cable and typically more cables than any other system on the market.
  8. Hot dip galvanized system hardware includes 2″ square (100 wall) tube ends and 2″ pipe drive shaft. Maintains rust free straight solid framework for primary system hardware.
  9. Sleeves supplied on the pipe drive shaft increase the shaft size. Improves the life of drive cables and makes for easier installation and simple cable tension adjustment.
  10. Completely pre-wired computer compatible reversing motor control box with manual override. Requires only a power outlet, no extra on site electrician charges.