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Cannabis Grower Products

VRE’s Integrated Plant Production Systems (IPPS) product line for professional growers of cannabis and other food products includes the Grow Cart with both T5 and LED light options, Hanging Drying Rack, the DRYMAX 30 and DRYMAX 60, Food Grade Drying Trays and customized grow systems.

With these products, VRE is leading the way in systems and products to help you maximize production, improve quality and ensure your facility meets standards. The Grow Cart, Hanging Dry Rack and DRYMAX products are all coated with food grade and medical facility approved thermoplastic coating, which is also easy to clean and stain resistant.  In addition, we can manufacture in stainless steel, if that is what you require. We can also design and manufacture custom products for your grow facility.

If you require project management to build your facility, please visit our sister company’s site at CaNavis International.

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