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Peak Shader

Modular Shade Structures provide a reliable, cost effective answer to the portable outdoor retail structure. Structures are supplied ready to assemble and easy to install. (No on-site fabrication required).

The VRE Shader Structures employ a unique technically advanced “Breathable” Polyethylene knitted fabric, which allows air to flow through the fabric and prevent excessive heat build up under the cover. New FLS co-extruded white/black open weave covers can also be supplied with shade values from 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% or 80% available.

These innovative structures provide designers and clients with exciting aesthetic forms, large clear spans, soft natural light, and maintenance-free long life. The optional fire retardant fabrics and durable powder coated finish are ideal for designer applications – making VREs Modular VRE Shader enclosures the RIGHT choice.

(Please note that all units MUST BE anchored and are seasonal non snow load rated structures)
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