Shade and Heat Retention Curtain Systems

“VRE is your best option for design, supply and installation of greenhouse curtain systems.  With more than 30 years in the business you will not find more knowledgeable, professional and friendly service”.

Don’t let $250,000 fly out the window

Our shade systems pay for themselves.  By saving you 25% of your annual heating bill, a shade system is and investment that delivers returns year after year.  The NGMA report ‘Considerations for Internal Curtain Systems’ found “Growers who have installed curtain systems commonly reported savings of 30% or more” and with fuel costs on the rise, shade system owners are keeping more money in their pockets.


Installation, Quality, Service

Our certified installers provide total installation for your VRE shade system, as well as service and repair competitors systems.  With the harsh greenhouse environment in mind, ensuring long-term system performance is our number one goal.  Learning from experience, and listening to our thousands of satisfied customers we know what works and are continually striving to improve the life of our systems.  Curtains have become an integral part of the total ‘greenhouse system’.
Simply put VRE curtain systems are your most cost effective method, with quick payback, to reduce your operating cost.