TreePlex™ is a multifunctional display system for potted trees and potted evergreens. The system can also be used as a display for Christmas trees during the holiday season. The system prevents damage to your potted trees from being blown over by the wind and from being tipped over by operational accidents. TreePlex™ also provides your guests an orderly, inviting and aesthetically pleasing presentation of your potted trees while maximizing the use of your limited garden center space.




4 way pallet entryChristmas Tree HolderTreePlexTreePlex


• With the dual watering options, TreePlex™ dramatically improves the health of your shade trees and evergreen trees over the course of your selling season.

• The interlocking grid system can be reconfigured in a matter of seconds to hold five different pot sizes.

• TreePlex™ is mobile with a 4 way pallet jack entry. Trees can be moved around the Garden Center safely, quickly and easily with a minimum of manpower. Feature displays can now be done without the fear of wind and heat damage.

• TreePlex™ display units are nestable with handle grips on all four sides for easy storage and handling during the offseason.

• Each TreePlex™ unit comes with six interlocking injection molded 3/8” thick glass filled polyethelene slats for strength & durability and a 1 1/4” drain plug.

• The standard color is green with black slats. For orders of 200 or more, custom colors are available, for a slight upcharge, to match your Garden Center color scheme.


4×25 gallon pots

6×15 gallon pots

9×10 gallon pots

9×7 gallon pots

16×5 gallon pots