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Curtain Systems

VRE Systems has extensive expertise in heat retention, light deprivation and blackout, shade and thermal curtain systems.

Features of VRE’s curtain systems include:

  • An electric motor driven unit, complete with reversing motor controls and built in travel limit switches to control the full open and closed curtain positions.
  • A set of emergency cut out limit switches in case of malfunction by the normal travel limit switches.
  • A drive unit is mounted beneath the system is connected to a pipe drive shaft by means of universal joints and drive shaft support bearing plates with sealed ball bearings.
  • Stainless steel drive cables, via a pulley arrangement, move the curtains.
  • Stainless steel cloth gatherers guarantee small fabric bundles on all sliding type installations.
  • A VRE aluminum extrusion forms a positive seal when the system is closed by means of a flexible rubber sealing strip which prevents cold air from bypassing to the heated greenhouse area, thereby giving optimum heat retention performance.
  • The VRE extrusion also forms a structural support for the thermal curtain shading system.
  • Polyester slide wires are provided to support sliding style curtains or stainless steel wires to hang suspended style fabric covers.
  • All hardware required to provide a fully functional curtain system in any style of greenhouse is included.

Installation and Service

VRE also provides total installation for your VRE shade system, as well as service and repair for any system.


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