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Suspended Curtain System

VRE Systems also designs, manufactures and installs suspended curtain systems.

The VRE suspended system is your best option when sufficient depth; typically 9″-12″, or greater travel distance; i.e. gutter-to-gutter spans of 25′-32′ are required.

Features of VRE’s Suspended curtain systems include:

  • Curtain fabric is suspended from a network of parallel stainless steel wires, these wires are spaced closer for open roof houses and wider apart for indoor applications.
  • Then fitted with “loop tape” sewn in place with matching interval spacing, “S” hooks are then installed in the loop tapes at 12″ centers.
  • When the system is fully open it produces accordion style bundles of fabric (replacement fabric curtain costs are typically higher due to extensive sewing requirements).Please note that every VRE curtain system is custom designed specifically to fit your greenhouse. Be aware not all curtain systems are.

VRE Suspended Curtain System

Features of the standard VRE suspended curtain system design:

  • VRE patented aluminum extrusion with positive rubber seal at each truss line or post location. Provides the absolute best seal on the market adaptable to fit any greenhouse design.
  • Stainless steel spring wire in specified pre-punched hole locations (closer spacings for open roof). The best grade of suspension wire installed for the life of the system.
  • Stainless steel wires for hook and perimeter boot wires plus stainless steel staples. Will never rust, snag, sag or deteriorate for the life of the system
  • Custom sewn to fit curtains with loop tapes and hooks for each suspension wire. Required shrink is included to maintain the best closure of every curtain in entire system and for the perimeter of the system.
  • The curtain fabric on the VRE curtain design covers the entire greenhouse. Every truss is covered, there are no gaps with exposed trusses between curtains.
  • Minimal use of plastic clips and fittings. Reduces cost of future fabric replacement, no expensive plastic clips to source and replace.
  • Higher grade stainless steel drive cables are supplied at 90″ to a maximum of 108″ multiples. Better quality cable and typically more cables than any other system on the market.
  • Hot dip galvanized system hardware includes 2″ square (100 wall) tube ends and 2″ pipe drive shaft. Maintains rust free straight solid framework for primary system hardware.
  • Drive cable sleeves on the pipe drive shaft increase the shaft size. Improves the life of drive cables, makes for easier installation and simple cable tension adjustment.
  • Completely pre-wired computer compatible reversing motor control box with manual override. Requires only a power outlet, no extra on site electrician charges.